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Primus - Telemarketing GuardTM†

It’s time to take control of your phone.
Telemarketing Guard is a new feature included with Primus Home Phone service that will give you additional screening and blocking capabilities for your incoming calls: giving you power over and above the Do-Not-Call list. Get full control on who can call you now!

This easy to use feature automatically identifies phone calls from frequent, mass telemarketers, and can block the call, send the call to voice mail, or allow the call to proceed depending on your preference.
Introducing Primus Canada’s newest service - Telemarketing Guard.

Telemarketing Guard works in two ways:

1). The Telemarketing Guard technology will automatically identify suspected frequent, mass telemarketing calls. Some of these suspected telemarketers will choose to hang up or their automatic dialers will hang up without your phone ringing.

Others may choose to provide their name or purpose for their call. If they do, your phone will ring and when you answer your phone, Telemarketing Guard will tell you that it has intercepted a call and will play the caller’s recorded name.

You will then have the following options. You may:

  • Answer the call, after which you may use *44 to block the caller
    from any future calls.
  • Send the caller directly to voice mail.
  • Reject the call by using a keypad entry or by hanging up the phone.
  • Send the current call and all future calls intercepted by Telemarketing Guard, to voice mail.

Please note that this is how the call treatment is initially set up for Telemarketing Guard. You can consult the attached operating guide to see other options for the call treatment of intercepted telemarketing calls.

2). You may well receive telemarketing calls that have not been intercepted by Telemarketing Guard, and through the use of *44 code on your telephone keypad, you can have the number added to your telemarketer deny list, thereby blocking all calls from this number in the future.

Together these two systems within the Telemarketing Guard technology constantly update the suspected telemarketer list and as time goes on, more telemarketing calls will be blocked by the system.

Things to know:
  • Telemarketing Guard is offered to you at no extra cost, and your current Home Phone service will not be impacted in any way.
  • At any given moment you may change your settings and disable the Telemarketing Guard.
  • You can also screen “unknown” callers with our Privacy Guard feature.
  • Both Telemarketing Guard and Privacy Guard are available in select service areas.

To check Home Phone availability, click below:

  View TMG Full User Guide

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Have questions?      Visit our Phone FAQ section.

† Patent pending