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Paging - FAQ's

What happens if I have just purchased my pager and it doesn't work?

A. Here are a few hints to help you determine if your pager is broken or in good working order.

Have you recently changed your pager's battery? Turn your pager off and on. A weak battery can cause a continuous tone or an abnormal tone. A dead battery, or an incorrectly placed battery, will produce no tone at all.

Coverage Area
Where were you when your pager stopped receiving messages? You may have been outside your coverage area.

Does the problem always occur in the same area? If you receive messages intermittently or not at all, it may be caused by a faulty transmission antenna. If this problem occurs, it is important to call Primus Wireless Operation at 1-877-704-4269.

In what kind of environment were you in when your pager stopped receiving messages? Transmission waves do not cross certain types of obstacles such as concrete, tunnels, certain areas in malls and computer rooms with lead insulation.

Automatic Redial
Could someone have programmed your pager number in his/her telephone's memory? If the caller accidentally touches the auto redial button on his/her phone, it could result in false alarms.

Immersion in Liquid
If your pager is in contact with a liquid, take the battery out as quickly as possible to avoid corrosion. The pager will take approximately 24 hours to dry (a hair dryer may be used). If the pager was immersed in a liquid for more than two hours, it may be considered out of order.

Cold temperatures can affect how a pager functions. It will function correctly when the temperature returns too normal.

What should I do if I'm not receiving my pages?
Please take the following steps if you are having trouble receiving your pages.

  1. Make sure your pager is turned on and your callers are dialing the correct number.
  2. Check to see if your battery is active: turn your pager off and on. It should beep or vibe when it's turned back on, depending on the alert setting you have selected.
  3. Make sure you've selected the appropriate alert setting. For example, you may be receiving pages but can't hear your page if your pager is set on "vibe", or it's in your briefcase or purse. We recommend using the "vibe" setting when you wear your pager and a tone setting if you are standing nearby.
  4. Verify that you are in your coverage area and your signal is not obstructed (e.g. if you're in the subway).

Is it possible to receive messages regardless of location?
No. You should know that your numeric pager will not receive messages in some environments. Today, paging subscribers expect that their pager will work in any kind of environment. This is true in most cases, however radio waves do not cross certain obstacles such as concrete, tunnels, certain areas in commercial malls and computer rooms with lead insulation. Furthermore, the construction of skyscrapers and the expansion of underground walkways in new buildings, in addition to new materials such as mirrored glass, are factors that may impede the efficient reception of pager messages. Even though the pagers should receive messages wherever they are, it could happen from time to time that missed calls occur, even if the building is equipped with a transmission antenna.

Why is the reception delay different from one message to another?
A. Message reception times may vary due to volume of call traffic on the network at a particular point in time.

Is it possible to change coverage without changing my pager?
Yes. In some cases, it is possible to change coverage without changing your pager.

How do I retrieve my voicemail messages?

  1. Dial the Pager Telephone Number
  2. Press " 0 " [zero] to enter the main menu
  3. Enter your personal Voice Mail Access Code The following is a list of choices after entering the access code.
    • 2 Deletes the message just listened to.
    • 3 Plays the last message left. Pressing " 3 " again, will play message from newest to oldest.
    • 4 Plays the oldest message on the system. Pressing " 4 " again, will play message from oldest to newest.
    • 5 Replays the current message.
    • 7 Plays the date and time the current message was received. * Plays the retrieval menu instructions.
    • 10 Returns to voice mail retrieval mode [if applicable].
    • 14 Returns to numeric mail retrieval mode [if applicable]. # End the session

How do I change my voice mail access code?

  1. Dial the Pager Telephone Number
  2. Press " 0 " [zero] to enter the main menu
  3. Enter your personal Voice Mail Access Code
  4. Press " 17 " to modify the access code
  5. Press " 3 ",
  6. Enter the new Access Code, (4 - 6 characters) and then enter, " # ".
  7. Press 10 to return to the main menu.

How do I record a personal greeting on my voice mail?
A personal greeting can be changed as often as desired by following these instructions:

  1. Dial your pager number
  2. Press " 0 " (zero) to enter command mode
  3. Enter your Voice Mail security access code
  4. Press " 11 " to enter greeting set-up mode
  5. Press " 30 " to begin recording message
  6. Press " 1 " to end recording
  7. Press " 40 " to review message

How do I send a numeric message?
The steps in sending a numeric message are as follows:

  1. The caller dials the subscriber's pager telephone number (ptn) from a touch-tone phone and keys in the numeric numbers of the message. The connection is made with the PageNet1 Paging terminal. Tip: dialing ' * ', leaves a space or dash on the pager screen.
  2. At the paging terminal, the system identifies the message with the (cap) code of the pager that is to receive the message and in what coverage area the message is to be transmitted.
  3. From the paging terminal, the message is relayed via satellite to all the paging transmitters along with the codes for the pager to receive.
  4. The message is received and transmitted throughout the appropriate coverage area.
  5. When a pager is on, it receives the signals. It matches its own cap code with the signal sent, and if they match, the pager decodes the message and alerts the subscriber.

How can I use my pager more effectively?
Always carry your pager and make sure it's turned on. Encourage your callers to call your pager first, rather than your telephone number. This way they won't waste a call if you can't personally answer the phone and you will know immediately to call them. Print you pager number on your business cards and stationery. That way your clients will always know how to reach you. Ask everyone at your office and at home to give out your pager number when they take calls for you. It's convenient and your callers will appreciate being put in touch with you immediately.

If I have regional coverage, can someone page me from a city outside of my coverage area?
A. Yes. The coverage area refers to the area in which a pager must be in order to receive a page. Callers, on the other hand, can reach you from anywhere inside or outside your coverage area when they call your pager number. If your caller is paging you from outside your coverage area, they may incur long distance charges.